Since 1951, Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre has presented educational theatre programming to children and families in our community.  Today, Playtime Poppy carries on the tradition, offering interactive children’s theatre productions and arts-integrated education for students and for families.

High School Productions

In partnership with Jefferson, Kennedy, and Washington High Schools, Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre presents three children’s theatre productions annually.

Outdoor Children’s Theater

In partnership with Brucemore, Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre presents Brucemore Outdoor Children’s Theater at the Peggy Boyle Whitworth Amphitheater.

Education Programs

Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre provides educational theatre experiences throughout the year for students:

  • Book Adventures a playful theatre program for pre-K through Kindergarten to discover character, story and imagination.
  • Operation Backstage an interactive behind-the-scenes tour of technical theatre for 3rd graders to explore lighting, sound, costumes and more. 
  • Matinee Performances offered exclusively to K-5 and patrons with special needs, enhanced with an audience guide.

and for families:

  • Book Adventures a playful theatre program for preschoolers and their families to discover character, story and imagination.
  • Summer Theatre Adventure a week-long immersive theatre experience for ages 7 – 14 to engage with theatre, culture and community. 

Giving back to students

Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre annually awards a $1,000 college scholarship to talented young thespians.

Get involved with Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre

If you want to be part of the Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre’s family of volunteers and donorscontact us today! Your support will continue to grow imaginative theatre productions and education programs in the community.