Lynn Jensen, Managing Director

Lynn is a familiar face to many in our children’s theatre family. She served as the drama director at Jefferson High School for 21 years before retiring in June. Earlier, she taught at LaSalle High School for 15 years. During her career, Lynn taught a variety of theatre and English classes, including Advanced Placement and College Composition and held the role of Director of Theater where she managed two performance spaces producing five shows each school year, including a Playtime Poppy production. Introducing the happy ear of corn to audiences has long been a rewarding part of her job description.

“I discovered my love of live theatre as a child when I sat in the audience watching my parents in community theatre productions and attended Playtime Poppy productions with my siblings,” Lynn shared. “The magic of each on-stage world lit my imagination.  As a teacher, I know firsthand the impact that participating in theatre can have on a student’s academic achievement. Attending live theatre also has a powerful impact, leading to a greater tolerance and increased empathy of different people and ideas.”   
In 2019, Lynn was inducted into the Educational Theatre Association’s Hall of Fame in recognition of her career and decades of service to the Iowa Thespians.