2022-2023 Season

March 2023

For Classrooms

Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre offers special classroom programs to teach students through storytelling, exploring technical theatre, using the design process, and reflecting on theatre productions.

Book Adventures

An interactive storytelling program for kindergartners, Book Adventures promotes reading comprehension and prepares students to engage with story, characters and emotions.

Operation Backstage

Looking to encourage your 3rd grade students to explore, ask questions, and learn through creative expression?  Operation Backstage gives students the chance to experience life behind-the-scenes and see how a play is brought to life on stage.

One Great Line

One Great Line brings theatre into your 5th grade classroom. Students learn how to use the design process and explore the technical and dramatic aspects of theatre.  From one sentence of classroom literature, students create their own productions in One Great Line.

Matinee Performances

Want to share a Playtime Poppy production with your students as part of a special field trip? We offer matinee performances (by reservation only) to kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms. Teachers are given an Audience Guide filled with information about the play and its playwright, activities with curricular connections and resources for additional learning. This is a great opportunity for students to engage with the production! Learn more about our matinee performances and how to schedule one for your students.

See what’s in store for your school

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