One Great Line

Get your students ready for a day of engaging theatre education with One Great Line! Playtime Poppy teaching artists work with 5th grade students to bring in-class literature to life through theatrical performances of “one great line” of literature.

What is One Great Line?

One Great Line marries STEM and literary curriculum with the performing arts, bringing live theatre into the classroom. Students learn how theatre artists use the design process and explore how the technical and dramatic aspects of a production provide a deeper connection to literature.

How does it work?

After 5th grade classroom literature has been selected, teaching artists will design a “theatre in a box,” featuring costumes, props and the makings of a great play to travel to the classroom. Working with teaching artists, 5th graders will breathe life into the literature being taught in their classroom.

Turn your classroom into a stage

Turn your 5th grade classroom literature into a theatrical production! Contact us to find out more about this program and other educational opportunities for your school and students.