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    Playing pretend just got a lot more fun! With these theatre activities, you can explore any part of the globe with just your imagination, or relive your favorite book with your friends or favorite stuffed animals.

    Check out these exciting activities, perfect for after school or rainy days inside!

    Alphabet Acting

    1. Choose a letter of the alphabet.
    2. Choose a SUPER FUN noun (person, place, or thing) that start with that letter.
    3. Find three SUPER DUPER FUN things around your house that relate to your noun.
    4. You are the expert about your noun and three fun things! Dress up as a teacher, scientist or librarian and teach your parents or brother(s)/sister(s) all about them!
    5. Choose a different letter of the alphabet and start all over again! This time maybe be a doctor, a farmer or super hero when you act it out!

    Globe Trotting

    1. Using a map or a globe, close your eyes and point to a place on the map.
    2. Ask an adult where your finger has landed.
    3. Talk with your adult about cities in that country (or state), what the weather is like, what people eat, what jobs people have, what animals live nearby or how people celebrate different holidays.
    4. Find things around your house you can use to create this country in your own home. Don’t forget to think about food.
    5. Using all the things you’ve found, invite your parents or siblings to act out a day in the life of a family in the country (or state).

    Booking It!

    1. Pick your favorite book!
    2. Gather your friends or stuffed animals.
    3. Choose who gets to act out the characters in your book.
    4. Put together an outfit for your character – don’t forget the props. Does your character carry a football? Does your character always carry a blanket? Does your character like to eat apples? Think about it and gather all your items.
    5. Act out your book, with your friends, for a parent or sibling.

    Want to be part of a real-life play?

    We have lots of fun things planned just for you! From our Summer Theatre Adventure to our productions at our partner high schools, there’s plenty Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre can’t wait to share with you! Have your family or teacher contact us for more information.

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    Playtime Poppy Children’s Theatre

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    Playtime Poppy Children's Theatre

    Fabulous to see creativity and collaboration from the STA cast and crew of Tales Beneath the Baobab Tree at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library this week, together with the African American Museum of Iowa!

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