2022-2023 Season

March 2023

Summer Theatre Adventure

Summer Theatre Adventure

Summer Theatre Adventure is a free week-long immersive theatre experience for ages 7-14 to engage with theatre, culture and community.

The Golem of Prague:  A Story of Danger, Bravery and a Little Magic

2021 Summer Theatre Adventure:  Stand Up for Those You Love

Travel back with us to Prague in 1598 – the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the center of art and science in Europe. It is a Golden Age for everyone but the city’s Jews. Emperor Rudolf II has ordered the Jews to leave their homes or be forced out. Can Rabbi Loew, with the help of Court Astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler defeat the plans of the Emperor and his Court Alchemist Edward Kelly? It will take courage, magic, and the mighty Golem for the Rabbi to save his people.

“The Golem of Prague” is a play written and directed by Darrin Crow based upon the Czech folktale. Join Playtime Poppy and The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library as we embark on this adventure!

Rehearsals & WorkshopsJuly 12-16 from 9:00 – 12:00

Performances:  July 17 at 11:00am and 1:00pm

DirectorDarrin Crow

Tech Director:  Robin Crow

Hosted by:  National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

Sponsored by:  RSH Legal and George & Janelle McClain

Congratulations to the Cast & Crew! 

Chronicler 1:  Cooper Norton

Chronicler 2:  Hattie LeVake

Rabbi Leow:  Brody Davis

Pearl Leow:  Londyn Matthews

Butcher:  Cael Conklin

Veggie Seller:  Sam Shannon

Baker:  Roman Williams

Shoemaker:  Rhiannon Leahy

Vendor:  Maggie Lauer

Emperor Rudolf II:  Bridger LeVake

Edward Kelley:  Rio Hernandez

Lackey:  Scottie Lynch

Giuseppe Arcimboldo:  Jeremiah Williams

Carolus Luython:  Benny Williams

Tycho Brahe:  Alijah Williams

Johannes Kepler:  Keira Hall

Marta:  Viana Alexandrescu

Helena:  Rosiah Taylor

Hans Folk:  Landon LeVake

Franz:  Sabrina Alexandrescu

Page:  Esther Davis

Laban:  Sylvia Swaney

Pavel:  Nora Jensen

Soldier:  Soren LeVake

Talented Tumbling Thief:  Alexandra Blake

STA Tech Crew:  

Alaina Hall

Alena Jensen

Em Cline

Bjorn Valberg

Josia Garvin

Elizabeth Johnson

Harper Hemmingsen

Darrin Crow, Director

Darrin Crow is a storyteller, actor, teaching artist and director from Cedar Rapids. He grew up learning those arts in the Cedar Rapids schools- including acting in several Playtime Poppy shows. Darrin tells powerful, imaginative, engaging stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats and stick with them long after the tale ends. Whether in a classroom, museum, festival, art fair, or ancient Greek amphitheater, Darrin crafts stories that deliver exactly what the listeners need. He is a regular instructor with the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy in subjects like storytelling, puppetry, and improvisation. He is drama director at Harding Middle School and assistant speech coach at Cedar Valley Christian School.